My journey to becoming a pilot👩🏽‍✈️

So I got my CJO with everyones favorite airline and I thought omg this is it I’m going to retire as a flight attendant! We top out at 65 an hour we travel the world! This is a dream come true! Then reality sits in after about 2 yrs..... passengers think I’m a high paid servant, we get used like we’re robots at their discretion on top of the dissatisfaction of not using my very expensive and hard earned economics degree. Instead I’m using my degree in sarcasm, sass, and the art of B.S. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great job and definitely has its benefits but I need more! I want to do more! So I started paying more attention to the pilots and asking questions. Not only do they get paid more than double then us but they are treated much better with better work rules. So I started my research and decided this is something I wanted to do! Something exciting! Something more challenging! And the need for pilots are growing as many are retiring in the coming years. Not to mention I’m single with no kids... this is perfect for me! I start the process then realize I need actual time to dedicate to this...FUDGE CAKES!! Weather, time, and Bills was not on my side 😩! So I paused it hoping I would get approved for a leave of absence so I can just knock out my private pilot in a month. Well..... I didn’t get the leave of absence so back to the drawing board😩. I sat for a couple of months drawing out a master plan to get back in and knock it out, no real rush in my head UNTTTIIIILLLL my job announces a pilot program! What is the program you ask??!! A program created for employees that want to become a pilot. Minimum requirements include 4yr degree, 3yrs with the company, 100hrs of flying, and a private pilot license. So I immediately get excited all over again like clearly this is a sign! My degree serves a purpose after all! YAY ME! lol Time to go FULL THROTTLE, NO IDLE! New plan of action Dedicate ALL off days to flying and pray that good weather matches up with those days 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. Boom! I head in to ACE (aviation career enrichment academy), which multiple people referred me to. I paid my dues, purchased my supplies, did a crash course on a simulator, and then it was flying time! Yes you get an Instructor, use the schools plane (for a fee of course), and start flying. You just get straight in and start learning hands on! Which I love cause that’s what jobs are any ways; you learn the most actually doing the job not from taking a test or being in a class. Oh but don’t get me wrong once you learn there are constant test to check your knowledge and understanding of what is expected of a pilot to know and do.

Going Full Throttle, No Idle