I want to start by saying thank you sisters of the skies for this extraordinary opportunity! I’m overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude to even be considered for such a scholarship! There’s no better feeling then being helped, uplifted and embraced by women who look like you and are in the same field you’re pursuing! The power in the room was unexplainable unfathomable. That moment is something the world needs to see. Black women who believed they could and accomplished it, black women who dreamed of something that seemed out of reach and grabbed it with both hands. Women in general consist of such a small group in aviation that when we talk about black women in aviation it’s pretty much non existent. This organization is going to help so many young girls that look like us spark the idea that they can do it to. Some times all you need is a spark to ignite a flame. Which is exactly what i needed. Thank you sisters of the skies! This is only the beginning!


Sisters of the Skies Scholarship Gala