So at this point I’m in the middle of my instrument training and it’s extremely different and difficult. It’s rewarding but difficult. I’ve been told it’s the most important rating and I see why! It’s hard to explain but the different approaches and holding entries are a bit overwhelming but I know I will come out on top and receive my instrument rating in July. I’m being consistent and diligent. Can’t stop won’t stop! But in the middle of my instrument training I was able to take my first official passenger up and it was... drum roll... wait for it... my twin Cuzzi Chelsea! It was the best birthday gift I could think of for her and Im truly happy and filled with love and joy that I could give her that experience. Sometimes life is overwhelming and it’s hard and full of obstacles, but being the light for someone truly made everything I’ve endured worth it! Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is simply YOU! I encourage everyone to be the person in this world you wish you had growing up or the person you wish you had when you were at your lowest. I’m so blessed and happy to have the love and support

The light at the end of the tunnel