As I approach the end of this current chapter of my life and start the beginning of my new chapter I want to reflect and acknowledge the people that God has brought into my life most recently. Two women in particular that I’ve met on two separate work trips and there spirits were extremely gravitating. Both women of God and both provided me with so much guidance and direction in just the short time that I met them. My goals and aspirations sometimes seem so close but yet so far and I can easily get discouraged. But when I met Mrs. Laura (yes we have the same name) she just came to me and gave me wooden cross keychain and held my hand and told me “God has big plans for you and I’m so happy for you and proud of you!” It brought me to tears because I truly believe God has had his hand in this whole journey. But I needed to hear that. Especially from a genuine woman of God like herself. I wish everyone could have a chance to be in her presence! 😍 Then on my very next work trip I met the beautiful Mrs. Clea and our spirits clicked immediately! She was planning her extravagant 50th birthday and I really saw so much of myself in her. She was extremely positive and had accomplished so much in her years and I just needed her energy! The energy of a positive ambitious woman! At this point I was so nervous and overwhelmed with my private pilot oral and practical test coming up I desperately needed confidence and reassurance and these ladies gave me just that! Thank you Laura and Clea! Love y’all!

That time God put 2 beautiful, strong, smart women in my life back 2 back!